7.2 MM 115-150CM 3 SHARK FINS

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Vat Incl. 23%
Out of Europe Tax Free
Shaft 7.2 MM 130-140CM 3 SHARK FIN

Premium high quality range with 57 hardness Rockwell 7mm Shafts
Available in sizes from 115cm to 150cm

These shafts have got 4 shark fins, made with the best steel in the world (Made in USA) Hence their superior quality Premium compared to others available on the market.
With a 7.2mm thick and 75mm long steel barb
The  shafts 115 up to 140 cm have 4 sharks fins.
7.2mm Premium Steel USA Stainless Steel Anti-Reflection shafts
115cm (4 Fins)  up to 150cm has got 5 Sharks Pins for Dyneema
Stainless Steel with anti-reflective treatment (dark)