8 MM 140 - 175CM 5 SHARK FINS

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Vat Incl. 23%
Out of Europe Tax Free

Available from 140 cm to 175 cm

Shafts of Premium high quality with 57 hardness Rockwell 8mm

These Shafts are made with probably one of the best steels in the world (Made in USA).

Our shafts have got 4 or 5 Shark  fins depending on size to make it easier to load the speargun by stages.

 It makes loading/ unloading  a lot easier as well as making it possible at the same time to have more or less power  on the speargun which is very good when you have to shoot a fish in a hole or at close range

 it can be used in traditional spearguns as well, on the 100 cm is a must.

Hence its superior premium quality they last much longer when compared to other shafts .

The safts 150 - 175cm  have 5 shark fins with a 2mm thick and 82mm long steel barb

Our Shark fins are positioned on the shaft to easy load or unload but also to extract the maximum power  possible from the spear length and bands (we recommend the use of quality bands) to get the best out of your speargun