Agachon Weight Vest Spearfishing Freeze

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Vat Incl. 23%
Out of Europe Tax Free
Weight Vest Spearfishing Agachon Sub Freeze

Weight vest spearfishing

Up to 6 x 0,5  kg - total 3 kgs of ballast
Extra comfort
Designed for best performance & security

Technical details:

Harness released by opening a buckle
Quick release buckle designed to be operated with one hand  and while wearing gloves

Designed to provide minimal buoyancy and allow the ballast to be distributed very efficiently
Slim fit and anatomical cut , very comfortable to use
Made of neoprene with velcro closure pockets

Harness designed to carry up tu  6 x 0,5  kg - total 3 kgs of ballast


Neoprene Yamamoto 39
Lead is not included